11. On Air Typing Session with Communications Teacher, Lindsay Bennett, Type 9, 2 or 6
Enneagram MBA PodcastSeptember 09, 2021x
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11. On Air Typing Session with Communications Teacher, Lindsay Bennett, Type 9, 2 or 6

Lindsay Bennett is a Communication Instructor, who helps women see their self-worth, practice self-love, strengthen their relationships through proven communication skills, and create connections to feel seen, heard, and understood. And in this episode, she so generously opens up about some of the confusions she's having around identifying her dominant Enneagram type. 

When you listen in, you'll get to hear what resonates most with her about her top three - 9, 6, and 2 - and the narrowing down process we go through together to uncover her which one is most true for her.  

You'll also get to tap into her communication expertise towards the final part of the episode where she shares what self-compassion has to do with effective communication and the 3 parts that it's made up of. I have a full list of more communication questions for Lindsay that we'll definitely be coming back to in a future Part 2 episode. In the meantime be sure to connect with her below!  

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/withlindsaybennett/ 

Start her self-paced 10-day Journal Challenge: https://withlindsaybennett.com/journal/ 

Grab her 4-part Self Love guide - when you sign up here: https://withlindsaybennett.com/freebie/ 

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