22. Master Your Message with MacKenzie Fleming, Type 7
Enneagram MBA PodcastOctober 21, 2021x
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22. Master Your Message with MacKenzie Fleming, Type 7

MacKenzie Fleming is a copywriter and messaging expert for coaches looking to go beyond just selling their next offer, but to create messaging that truly builds an empire.

She also identifies as a Type 7 and resonates most with the:
Struggles: throwing herself into constant activity, impatience and impulsiveness, unable to discriminate what is really needed
Strengths: wide range of interests, many ongoing professional and creative projects, can easily reframe negative emotions into positive ones

When you listen into to today's episode you'll hear more about her experience as a Type 7 and how it's played a role in her career and work as well as specific branding and messaging topics covering:

  • What happens if you don't have a recognized brand voice
  • The difference between visual brand and brand voice
  • A description of the term "vulnerability pimp" and how to avoid it 
  • An alternative to charging by the hour
  • Content writing vs. copywriting and when to use each one
  • What your About Me page should include (and not)

You can connect with MacKenzie and continue to learn more from her over in her digital homes:

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