30. Design a Life You Love with Becca Starr, Type 6
Enneagram MBA PodcastNovember 26, 2021x
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30. Design a Life You Love with Becca Starr, Type 6

Becca Starr is a Certified Master Level Transformational Life Coach who helps clients get out of pain from their past, connect to self-love, feel motivated, and unlock life's purpose so that they can live confidently.

And in today's episode we're talking all about intentional living and taking our lives off default-mode. 

In this episode you'll learn more about:

  • what about the Type 6 most resonates with her
  •  how she sees the Type 6 energy show up at home and work
  • how to identify what's yours to work on and what you can let go of
  • starting the day of with intention and what you want from that day and who you want to be
  • how a shift in "What can I do?" to "How do I feel?" can help you get in touch with your self-worth
  • questioning all the things that don't feel good
  • the lesson her Roomba is giving her
  • the power of a micro-action to create meaningful impacts in your own life
  • what is segment intention and how to use it in your self-growth journey
  • how to rethink about your childhood experiences that keep you in the same patterns
  • understanding your value and how to get in touch with it if you can't see it yet
  • the power of a daily check-in to help you design a life you love

Find more about working with Becca: https://www.beccastarr.com/
Say hello to her over on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrsbeccastarr/


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