31. Failing Course Launches to Tripling Growth Revenue in One Year with Melissa Kellogg Lueck, Type 3
Enneagram MBA PodcastDecember 02, 2021x
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31. Failing Course Launches to Tripling Growth Revenue in One Year with Melissa Kellogg Lueck, Type 3

Drawing from her 20+ years as an entrepreneur, her MBA in Marketing, and her 15+ years of working with small businesses, Melissa Kellogg Lueck coaches clients on everything from creating confidence to how to set up your Facebook ads, all while making more and hustling less.

In this episode, she's sharing how her Type 3 energy lead her to her biggest failure.

And then how that failure lead her to her most successful year in business, scaling to six-figures, without burnout and plenty of time for family and hobbies.

If you're going through a "failure" yourself in business right now, or trying to bounce back from one, you're going to love and get so much from all that Melissa shares about her story along with: 

  • working as a Type 3, a desire for success, and how she's practicing being more present
  • how she's growing out of the default mode of doing all.the.time.
  • scaling a business from done for you marketing to coaching with less hustle 
  • what you really need to be questioning when you aren't getting the results you want (hint it may not be what you're doing, but how you're thinking) 
  • the pivotal moment when a course creation failure lead to her first $100k 
  • finally owning her expert energy and what her clients get from her doing that 
  • mistakes that solopreneurs make when getting visible with their offers 
  • how she knew she was ready to invest in herself and what she got from that investment
  • where confidence comes from
  • the power of getting clear on what you're actually selling
  • the myths around achieving success
  • how she defines a CEO role 

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