34. What 2021 Taught Me in My Own Enneagram Journey - BONUS
Enneagram MBA PodcastJanuary 05, 2022x
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34. What 2021 Taught Me in My Own Enneagram Journey - BONUS

I'm hanging out with you in this one bundled up on my back porch reflecting on the past year.

It gets pretty personal and you'll hear some of the most vulnerable things I've been made aware of about some of my blind spots and common tendencies that don't really do me any favors. 

Some of it I know you'll relate to regardless of what type you are and some of it I don't love and wish I didn't do, but sharing with you so you can:

a) see all the insights the Enneagram can bring to you, even when you think you've read all about your type 

b) know I'm right there with you in my own practice and self-growth journey that not always pretty (rarely is pretty - let's be honest). 

The 5 parts of the Enneagram you'll hear about are below. Each type has these components and they can be so information in your own journey to your highest self. 

  • How my Core Fear shows up in conflict 
  • Defense Mechanism - for me it's Rationalization/Positively Reframing 
  • Emotional Pattern/Vice - Gluttony (it's not really about eating)
  • Mental Fixation - Planning (always focused on the future)
  • How my Stress Arrow shows up

If you'd like to reflect on the past year and plan for who you want to be and cast a vision for what's possible in your life in 2022, I'm inviting you to learn more about my private coaching offers ranging from 60 minutes to 6 weeks to 6 months where you'll do just that with your own dedicated Enneagram guide (me! :)).