36. Leading like a Type 8 Woman with Leadership and Sales Coach, Leslie Lyons
Enneagram MBA PodcastJanuary 13, 2022x
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36. Leading like a Type 8 Woman with Leadership and Sales Coach, Leslie Lyons

Leslie Lyons is a business strategist, sales coach, soul whisperer, and speaker who helps brick-and-mortar bosses sell in a way that comes naturally, find their true leadership style, and build a soul-driven sales strategy.

She believes that the two most important things a leader can understand are: 1). How they see themselves and 2) How the world sees them. It's a game changer when it comes to leading a team well.

In this episode, Leslie gives us a behind the scenes look into life and entrepreneurship as a Type 8, how her shadows have impacted her leadership growth, and how each of us can embrace our inner 8 energy to sale and lead with decisiveness, confidence and power.

Listen in to hear more insight that will absolutely impact how you show up in your business.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. The Enneagram is best personality test out of all of them if you truly want to experience transformation. 
  2. To be more powerful we need to connect with our authentic selves and understand what we actually want. As women, so many of us are out of touch with our desires so it's extremely unlikely we'll ever get what we really want. 
  3. You don't think twice about gushing about and recommending your favorite sushi restaurant. You don't need to give yourself a pep talk before you tell a friend about it. Use that same energy to sell yourself and your business. 

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