5. Eating and the Enneagram with Health Coach Tomesha Campbell, Type 2
Enneagram MBA PodcastAugust 09, 2021x
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5. Eating and the Enneagram with Health Coach Tomesha Campbell, Type 2

In this episode, Health Coach and Owner of A Fitness Mindset, Tomesha Campbell breaks down the best eating practices for each Enneagram type and common challenges to be aware of. There is a very comprehensive summary of her breakdown that you can get your hands on and use as a guide below. If you know of someone else who is health minded and would benefit from this episode, I hope you'll share with them too! 

Grab the Enneagram and Eating Guide ---> https://www.sarahlynnco.com/enneagramandeating

Tomesha's recommended reading: 

  • Eating and the Enneagram: How the 9 Personality Types Influence Your Food, Diet, and Exercise Choices by Ann Gadd
  • Get Good with Money: 10 Simple Steps to Becoming Financially Whole by Tiffany Aliche 

Connect with Tomesha on social media and let her know what you took away from her interview - I can tell you from personal experience it's such a great feeling to hear from someone who heard your episode ! 

Instagram: @tomeshacampbell

Facebook: Tomesha Campbell at A Fitness Mindset Page

Learn more about her work and how she can help you with your health and wellness goals: https://www.afitnessmindset.com/

Grab the Enneagram and Eating Guide: https://www.sarahlynnco.com/enneagramandeating


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