6. What Should I Be Doing in My Business? with Courtney Lazar, Type 3w4
Enneagram MBA PodcastAugust 19, 2021x
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6. What Should I Be Doing in My Business? with Courtney Lazar, Type 3w4

Have you ever thought about what successful business owners do each day? What do they focus on? How do they know exactly what they're going to be working on, not only for the day, but for that week, month and even next quarter? How are they able to generate money AND take time off?  How can they ensure that all the effort they're putting into creating content, setting up their website, putting together offers, and networking inside of Facebook Group is actually worth it?

Enneagram Type 3w4 and Systems Educator, Courtney Lazar walks you through all that and more inside this episode packed with tangible tips you can take and implement right after you listen. 

Who would have thought systems and productivity would be fun and so inspiring (Ok, maybe you Type 1s, 3s and 5s :))? As someone who identifies as a type 7 and has historically loathed the idea of systems and viewed structure as limiting and the killer of creativity, I can't believe I'm saying this, but Courtney has completely changed the way I think about it all.

In episode 6, she shares reasons why systems are so important in your business that go beyond just needing to be organized. She lays out a very compelling case for taking the time to get clear on your mission statement and evaluate where you're spending your time now to understand if the two are aligned. For many of us, probably not so aligned. But that's, okay! Courtney shares how to start building your business in a way that's more aligned with your company and life vision and specific systems to start creating so that you're less overwhelmed and overworked and more inspired and able to do the work that lights you up. Listen in to learn more about how she uses her Type 3w4 energy to take her students from coach to CEO! 

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