8. How to Use the Enneagram in Your Marketing
Enneagram MBA PodcastAugust 31, 2021x
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8. How to Use the Enneagram in Your Marketing

There’s a grouping in the Enneagram that describes how the types handle problems and conflict. It's called the Harmonic Triad, but more importantly it can be a game-changer for how you understand how you and those around you deal with challenges differently.

Inside this episode, you’ll learn about which group your type is in, and how to apply that knowledge to your business, specifically for creating compelling messaging for your services and products!

Which group did you resonate the most with as far as how you tend to handle challenges and problems? Connect with me over on Instagram or Linkedin and let me know! I always love hearing from you. 

---> The Enneagram and Sales Guide I mentioned at the end, can be downloaded here: https://www.sarahlynnco.com/enneagramandsales

---> If you're still trying to figure out your type or want help understanding how to  use it in your life or business, you can book a Know Your Number results reading here.